Tuesday May 21, 2024

8:30AM – 12:30PM

Tuesday May 21, 

8:30AM – 12:30PM Saint Paul, MN

UWT 2024

Registration has closed, see you at The RiverCentre at 8:30 AM CT sharp.



The Great MN Experiment

We have an idea.

The State Fair to co-create our future.

Will you join us? 



Uniting Minnesotans for Collective Problem-Solving & Collaboration

What if we got 2,000 ambitious, creative and motivated Minnesotans together? Then, we used new processes & AI technology to build the bridges and make the connections for those 2,000 people to meet the RIGHT people for their futures. We then facilitated small group discussions with those people who could help each other solve their problems. That is what is happening on May 21st, join our audacious experiment in Minnesota collaboration. 

Minnesota community leaders speak out on UWT

Discover The Event Schedule And Experts


An effective, personalized agenda


Intros & Meetings 


Discover the ‘reverse silo’ approach to networking that will transform the way you connect and collaborate. Only works if everyone shows up on time!

9:30 – 10:30

Next Generation 

(don’t call them) 

Panel Discussions:

Engage and learn 10x more than in a traditional roundtable, keynote or panel discussion – but still with the leading experts in MN.

10:30 – 11:30


Join a reciprocal career and community impact experience where your challenges can be solved.

11:30 – 12:30

One More Thing

Leave for the day knowing your half-day experience will leave a lasting impact long after the workshop.

Uniting silo’d industries, suburbs, businesses, and struggling sports teams for a better economy and future through strategic AI problem solving and collaboration.

This is how we link you with Impactful Connections

Ai-Driven Networking

Our advanced Ai technology cultivates significant connections by aligning you with key individuals tailored to your interests. Beyond the event, our Ai concierge sustains dialogue, ensuring your network’s evolution and collaborative success.

Capital and Contracts

Forge critical connections to a comprehensive suite of financial pathways, including government grants, RFPs, and private investment opportunities. Navigate the funding landscape with expert guidance, laying the groundwork to secure the resources crucial for advancing your business ambitions.

Minnesota’s New Economy Marketplace

This Ai-assisted platform is your guaranteed gateway to find innovative solutions and essential connections. Thoughtfully organized around topics crucial to your interests, it’s the key to fostering a thriving future for your family and the North Star State.

United We Transform is a collaboration between Collaboration.Ai, the Minnesota business community, academic institutions, economic development organizations, individuals across the state, public officials, and our Federal, Defense & State leaders.

Ready to level up your community? networking? artificial intelligence? organization? ideas? solutions?

Join us Tuesday May 21st, 2024 from 8:30AM – 12:30PM in St. Paul, MN for a day with remarkable community of forward thinking professionals, resources and new opportunities.

Have Questions?

How is UWT funded and supported?

In 2017, a team from Minnesota was quietly brought on to upgrade the way leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos connected. The effort paid off, fostering not just connections but prompting real-world impact.


This same team moved on to deliver ingenuity for the US Air Force and their efforts didn't go unnoticed. Their approach not only sparked innovation but also earned the recognition as one of Fast Company's 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators.

Today, that team is applying their experience to a new challenge: creating a digital ecosystem in Minnesota. With support from Congress and the DAF Digital Transformation Office, they aim to connect half a million Minnesotans to create the New Economy.

This is the work of Collaboration.Ai, a St. Paul based company demonstrating that quiet consistency and smart partnerships can indeed lead to powerful transformations.

How will the UWT workshop be different from other events?

United We Transform is a personalized, one-of-a-kind, in-person event. Unlike traditional conferences, there will be no long speeches, planet-polluting swag, passive bystanders, panels, or Q&A. Instead, attendees will actively participate as a solution seeker and provider, buyer and seller, student and teacher. You will walk away with new connections, perspectives, possibilities, and the confidence that you have already begun the work of digitally transforming and strengthening Minnesota’s economy.


If you are curious about how to integrate public and private partnerships, love keynotes on YouTube and prefer interaction at in-person events, like to bust silos, break down echo chambers, and learn about how a new way of working and digital transformation can improve your work and Minnesota - you’re in the right place.

I would like even more information on UWT & the event.

What is UWT?

United We Transform is an unconventional gathering of Minnesotans shaping and accelerating a new economy for our state by connecting and collaborating across industries and embracing emerging technology to tackle complex challenges and drive toward a more prosperous and equitable future. Together we will propel our state forward and claim a leading position in the new economy. Backed by the first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered marketplace to optimally leverage talents and resources, UWT serves as a platform to create rich opportunities for Minnesotans.

Who is UWT?

In short, YOU! UWT is open to all Minnesotans and those who want to support a stronger Minnesota economy. Born out of a collaboration between Minnesota-based Collaboration.Ai, the Minnesota business community, academic institutions, economic development organizations, individuals across the state, public officials, and the Department of the Air Force, UWT is a fast growing community of diverse pioneers for the new economy.

Get involved

By participating in UWT, you will tap into a broader network of forward-thinking professionals, including leaders and doers in your and other industries, technology experts and innovators, social impact change makers, government buyers and policymakers. It's a network of people willing and able to share their knowledge, resources, and connections in order to grow together.

Join us in May to:

- Actively participate in shaping the path forward to the new economy

- Use our cutting edge technology to make connections right away that can open opportunity for you and our state

- Plug into emerging technology resources and experts to accelerate your adoption of best practices

How will Ai power this event and the UWT marketplace?

Minnesota's many impactful organizations and companies can achieve far greater outcomes through partnership and collaboration. By implementing an artificial intelligence-powered digital transformation, these groups can tap into their collective potential. With improved data sharing and insight into shared goals, Ai can uncover new synergies and connections between groups.

Together, Minnesota's change makers can transform their potential for positive change. Ai and digital innovation may just provide the platform to power this collaboration and amplification of impact across the state.

Who is already coming to the event? (snapshot of just a few)

PIONEERS - Technologists who are changing the way we live and work

Nancy Lyons

As the CEO and co-founder of Clockwork and an advocate for making work better, I am committed to attending the "United We Transform" event to learn from and engage with leaders in the military, politicians, civic leaders, business leaders and experts on 50 topics impacting Minnesota. Collaborating and sharing ideas with these individuals will give me valuable insights and perspectives on creating more inclusive, flexible and adaptable work environments.As a leader in the tech industry, I understand the importance of fostering a culture and workspace conducive to human productivity and wellbeing. I believe the "United We Transform" event will provide me with the tools and knowledge to create better work experiences for myself and my team and, ultimately, improve the quality of our products and services.In addition to my professional expertise, I am a published author on project management and finding power at work. My background and skills make me a valuable contributor to the event, and I am eager to learn from and contribute to the "United We Transform" event discussions. I am committed to attending this event and making the most of its immersive and unique experience.

EXPANDERS - Business-minded professionals who are driving growth

Tom O'Neill

I am committed to attending the "United we Transform" event because I believe it will provide me with a unique and immersive experience that will allow me to connect with a diverse group of leaders from across various fields. I have a background in technology and a passion for building strong teams, and I believe that attending this event will allow me to gain valuable insights and connections that will help me continue to grow and succeed in my career.Furthermore, I am excited about the opportunity to learn from experts across 50 different topics that are impacting Minnesota, and to participate in discussions and workshops that will challenge me to think critically about the issues facing our state and our country. I am confident that the knowledge and connections I gain from attending this event will be invaluable in helping me to continue to make a positive impact in my community and beyond.


CHAMPIONS - Public interest advocates who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others

Henry LaBounta

As a Senior Art Director and Chief Visual Officer for EA, Henry LaBounta has extensive experience in the field of visual arts and design. His work on A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Need for Speed, Skate, and other major projects has earned him recognition and awards in the industry. In addition to his professional experience, LaBounta has a background in film and broadcast work, with credits on major productions such as Minority Report and The Prince of Egypt.


Given his background and skills, Henry LaBounta is committed to attending the ""United we Transform"" event. The event will provide an immersive and unique opportunity for attendees to engage with leaders in a range of fields, including the military, politics, business, and civic organizations. As a visual arts expert, LaBounta is eager to learn from and collaborate with experts across 50 topics impacting Minnesota.


LaBounta believes that the "United we Transform" event will be a valuable learning and networking opportunity. He is excited to participate in the event and contribute his knowledge and experience to the discussions and activities taking place. By attending the event, LaBounta hopes to gain new insights and connections that will enhance his work and support the transformation of Minnesota.


BUILDERS - Startup entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact

Brennan Townley

Brennan Townley is thrilled to join United We Transform, an initiative aimed at improving Minnesota by fostering collaboration among various sectors and breaking down silos. With over 20 years of experience as a passionate connector, Brennan believes in the power of uniting people to drive meaningful change.By joining United We Transform, Brennan is eager to leverage his expertise in facilitating connections and utilizing Ai technology to enhance collaboration within teams, organizations, and communities.Brennan's excitement stems from the opportunity to bring together different Minnesota silos, fostering innovation and progress for the betterment of the state. Read his Ai profile: https://people.unitedwetransform.com/bio/a16-Brennan-Townley


BACKERS - Risk takers who invest in bold ideas and help bring them to life

Danielle Steer

As the Managing Partner at Tundra VC and Founding Executive Director at Lunar Startups, I am committed to attending the "United we Transform" event in order to connect with leaders in the military, politicians, civic leaders, business leaders and experts across 50 topics impacting Minnesota. I believe that this immersive and unique conference will provide valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration to support my work in helping problem solvers achieve their dreams and making the world a more equitable place for all.


My background in international development, social entrepreneurship, and community building, combined with my experience in impact investing and program design, make this event particularly relevant to my professional interests and goals. I am eager to learn from and engage with a diverse group of experts and innovators, and to contribute my own knowledge and skills to drive positive change in Minnesota and beyond.


I am excited to participate in the "United we Transform" event and look forward to the valuable connections and collaborations that will arise from this unique and transformative experience.


DEFENDERS -  Forward-thinking members of the DoD workforce: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, Space Force

Vince Pecoraro

Vince Pecoraro is dedicated to helping transform Minnesota by leveraging his extensive Air Force background and experience with digital transformation.


As a married father of four, Vince brings a unique perspective on how to be successful in government initiatives and values relationships built on shared experiences.


His passion for uniting people and creating meaningful change in the state drives him to use his knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on the communities of Minnesota


LUMINARIES - Passionate and talented individuals who will inspire you

Daniel Klein

As the only MN James Beard award winner in 2023 with experience in the food and tech industries, I am committed to attending the "United we Transform" event because I believe that my unique background and skills can contribute to the conversation and discussions at the conference.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the top organizations in Minnesota, and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our state. I am passionate about using my expertise in the culinary & film arts to promote innovation and collaboration, and I believe that the "United we Transform" event is the perfect platform to engage with other leaders and experts to drive positive change.

Furthermore, I am excited about the immersive and interactive nature of the conference, which will allow me to connect with leaders from a wide range of sectors, including military, politics, civic, and business. I believe that this unique format will foster meaningful dialogue and collaboration, and I am eager to learn from and contribute to the discussions at the event.

How do I contribute to topics/discussions at the event?

We would love to hear your thoughts, challenges, opportunities. Please email us. More details will arrive closer to the event for topical engagement opportunities.

What does it cost to attend the workshop?

The cost to register is $20.24.

However - everyone - as soon as you meet the first valuable contact Tuesday morning May 21st, will get a link for an instant refund.  


Why? This event isn’t about Collaboration.Ai making money, it’s about working together to build and support Minnesota’s  new economy. Plus, our contract stipulates that we cannot generate income from an event. However, we do need to prove that people participated and a financial transaction is undeniable truth. 

How can we guarantee you meet the right people?

This won’t be your typical event.


With our technology-driven approach, you will experience an unparalleled opportunity to connect, collaborate, and seize promising prospects in an immersive and inclusive setting.


Almost the entire time is networking. We are just adding a little support and intelligence to make sure you get the most out of it.

Registration has closed. If you have any questions, please email UWT@collaboration.ai.

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